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22 Aug
Meet My Melody Designer, Kumiko Kobayashi
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This year marks the 40th anniversaries of My Melody and the Little Twin Stars! Last month during Comic-Con International in San Diego, we had the opportunity to get to know Kumiko Kobayashi, My Melody’s designer from Tokyo. Kumiko is My Melody’s 7th designer.

Sanrio: How was your experience at San Diego Comic Con?
Kumiko: It was very exciting! Downtown San Diego was like a party. The cosplayers went all out and it was spectacular!

Sanrio Designers

Sanrio: How long have you been designing for Sanrio?
Kumiko: It has been about 20 years.

Sanrio: What inspired you to become a designer?
Kumiko: I’ve always loved Sanrio since I was a child, and wanted to design myself.

Sanrio:  What was the first project that you worked on for My Melody?
Kumiko: My first project was in 1997 to refresh My Melody’s look. The design featured My Melody with a red hood and targeted high school girls.

Sanrio: What are your inspirations when working on a My Melody design? 
Kumiko: I use cute poses as reference for My Melody’s poses. I also draw inspiration from retro My Melody designs as well as current fashion trends. 

Sanrio: Does your work influence the way you see the world around you?
Kumiko: I notice cute things more.

Sanrio: Do you have any favorite memories while designing for Sanrio?
Kumiko: My favorite memory is meeting My Melody fans. I was so happy to meet the fans in the US.

Sanrio Designers

Sanrio: What is your favorite design or product?
Kumiko: I like the retro designs from the 1970’s. I use them as reference. 
Among the designs that I worked on, my favorites are the “Friends Series” (2008), “Parasol Series” (2010), and “Sugar Dream Series” (2013).

Sanrio: What is your best piece of advice for an aspiring artist or designer?
Kumiko: It is important to love and get excited about cute things.

Sanrio: Besides drawing, do you have any hobbies?
Kumiko: I like to read manga and to collect cute things. 

We also asked fans on My Melody’s Facebook page if they had any questions Kumiko Kobayashi. Here is what they wanted to know:

Gabriella Oakley: Why does My Melody come in more than one color?
Kumiko: My Melody comes in more than one color because she is fashionable.

Edward James Stephenson: Do you prefer Red Melody or Pink Melody?
Kumiko: I like both.

Sanrio Designers

Thank you so much Kumiko for taking the time to chat with us! Stay tuned, next weeek we'll share an interview with Little Twin Star designer, Kuniko Uchida! 

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