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29 Aug
Meet Little Twin Star Designer, Kuniko Uchida
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Last week, we shared an interview with My Melody’s designer in celebration of My Melody’s and the Little Twin Stars 40th anniversaries. We also had the chance in San Diego at Comic-Con International to chat with Little Twin Star’s designer from Tokyo, Kuniko Uchida. Kuniko is the 8th designer for the Little Twin Stars.

Sanrio: How was your experience at San Diego Comic Con?
Kuniko: It was an invaluable experience to meet fans in the U.S. I am happy to be able to take part in an event alongside globally known characters. 

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Sanrio: How long have you been designing for Sanrio?
Kuniko: During my first two years at Sanrio, I designed products for Hello Kitty as well as Patty & Jimmy. I was then appointed as the Little Twin Stars designer and have been in charge of Kiki and Lala for fifteen years. 

Sanrio: What inspired you to become a designer?
Kuniko: I always loved to draw since I was a little child. There was a Sanrio store near my house growing up. I naturally thought I would one day become a designer.

Sanrio: What was the first project that you worked on for Little Twin Stars?
Kuniko: My first project was to design for a back-to-school promotion. 

Sanrio: What are your inspirations when working on a Little Twin Stars design?
Kuniko: I draw inspiration from manga, anime, lace and clouds that can be seen from airplane windows.

Sanrio Designers

Sanrio: Does your work influence the way you see the world around you?
Kuniko: I notice stars and things that sparkle. 

Sanrio: Do you have any favorite memories while designing for Sanrio?
Kuniko: My favorite memories are meeting fans at signing events. 

Sanrio: What is your favorite design or product?
Kuniko: My favorite design is the 40th anniversary design with My Melody. Kiki and Lala are kissing My Melody’s cheeks. It’s so cute! 

Sanrio Designers

Sanrio: What is your best piece of advice for an aspiring artist or designer?
Kuniko: I think it’s important to see many things and store them in your mind. Sceneries, movies, anything…

Sanrio: Besides drawing, do you have any hobbies?
Kuniko: I like to read.

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We also asked fans on the Little Twin Stars Facebook page if they had any questions for Kuniko Uchida. Here are some of the things that they wanted to know:

Sara Lee: Do Kiki and Lala have any other siblings? Do you have designs for any other family members? Do Kiki and Lala own any pets since they are often surrounded by animals?
Kuniko: Kiki and Lala do not have any other siblings. Their parents are portrayed in design, but their faces are hidden. Kiki and Lala don’t have any pets but have a teddy bear friend. 

Emma-Louise Hughes: Are they human at all? Do they have a mother?
Kuniko: Kiki and Lala are stars. They have a mother and a father.

Alexis Crockett: What actually are they? Are they literal twin stars? Or are they angels?
Kuniko: They are really twin stars.

Beth Cooper: Where do you think the Little Twin Stars would like to visit on earth? Although I think the clouds and the moon are the cutest place for them!!
Kuniko: I think they would like to visit where everyone is, because they want to be friends with you. 

Gemma Marie Smith: Why does their hair colour differ from pink and blue to blonde and brown?
Kuniko: Kiki and Lala’s hair colors change, just as many people’s hair colors change. Other than pink and light blue, there are designs with yellow and purple. 

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Thank you to Kuniko for answering all of our questions! 

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