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01 Mar
Hummingmint’s Sweet Style with Alexa Poletti
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Hummingmint Outfit of the Day OOTO

Hello, friends! I’m Alexa Poletti. I am a YouTuber and fashion blogger with an affection for all things cute! I love kawaii fashion styles, creative makeup, and adorable characters, which inspires me to create fun head-to-toe looks to share with other admirers of cute styles!

So, as you can imagine, sitting here writing as a guest blogger for Sanrio is a dream come true. I have adored all of the Sanrio characters since the day I was born! My “favorite character” has been constantly changing and evolving as new characters are released, so I can’t really pick just one favorite. How can you!? It’s impossible! But ever since I laid eyes on Hummingmint, who debuted last year, I totally fell for her charm. She is so precious! Between her sweet demeanor and her mint green/pastel pink color combo, she became an instant fave.

Daily Style Post

Hummingmint inspires today’s look down to every last little detail. I have a lot of fun pulling inspiration from color schemes and back stories of characters like Hummingmint and bringing aspects of that character to life through my outfit, makeup, and hair. So, let’s break this look down!

Wig Hair Tutorial

Starting with the hair, I immediately knew the perfect wig for this look. It’s called the “Downtown Girl” collection from RockStar Wigs. The brown/white colorway is the absolute PERFECT wig for any deer-themed look. The way the wig is layered with brown hair on top and white hair nestled up underneath reminds me of Hummingmint’s brown fur and white tummy. I added extensions from their “Pixie Collection” to shape into two big cute buns inspired by Hummingmint’s ears. The extensions are a bit longer than I needed them to be, so I wrapped the hair up into a cone shape and used hairspray and bobby-pins to keep them in place.

Hair Tutorial DIY

Once the hair was styled just how I wanted it, I added two pink bows to the front of the buns, reminiscent of the pink insides of Hummingmint’s ears.

Flower Clip

I made the flower hair clip to match Hummingmint’s flowers using some cheap craft foam cutouts and acrylic paint. This flower clip was a quick, cheap, and easy project to give this look another layer of Hummingmint-inspired detail.


On to makeup! I love the beautiful full-face fawn makeup trend that is popular right now, but it was important to me that the deer-inspired look be wearable with this casual style.  With that in mind, I brought in subtle deer elements, like brown and white eyeshadow and white spots, without being too over the top. I love how it turned out! I based all of my choices off of Hummingmint’s look, from her big brown eyes to her rosy cheeks, and even incorporated her white hearts around my eyes! I will be releasing a makeup tutorial of how I achieved this look on my YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on this upcoming super adorable Hummingmint video!

When creating specific looks inspired by characters, books, movies, or really anything at all, it is not always about the clothes. You can see in the full-body shot above that I am wearing just a basic mint top, pink skirt, white tights, mint ruffle socks, and pink platform sneaks. There is nothing that screams “HUMMINGMINT!!!” just from those items alone. Sure, they are all in Hummingmint’s color scheme, but they are basic solid-colored clothing items that many people have in their closets already. It’s all about how you accessorize the look to give it the theme you’re looking for.

Close Up Accessories

Let’s take my belt, for example. This belt is a solid white stretchy belt with a bow on it that I got for around $3 on eBay. Up front, there is nothing fancy about it, but with a little imagination, it can become a one-of-a-kind Hummingmint belt! Motivated by Hummingmint’s fondness of flowers, I attached pink and purple flowers to the elastic belt using safety pins.


To take the belt to the next level of Hummingmint-ness, I used my rubber Hummingmint clips to add this cute little character to my belt. These rubber clips are meant to hold paper, chips, towels… things like that. But if you follow my blog, you probably know that I often use things in other ways than which they are intended. To be able to add these Hummingmint rubber clips to my belt, I simply hot-glued bar pins to the backs of them so I could easy attach and remove them from my belt as desired.


Other accessories I used in this look all share the common motif of bows and flowers. I used the Hummingmint hair tie around my wrist to create a cute and simple Hummingmint bow bracelet. Topping the look off with the Hummingmint sculpted tote, I am ready to hit the town with a complete Hummingmint-themed look!

Tote Purse

I hope that this blog post has given you some creative ideas of how to bring a cute style into your existing wardrobe, whether by crafting themed accessories or by repurposing a kawaii item to fit your look. If you are inspired to try out a look based on Hummingmint or any other Sanrio character, I would absolutely love it if you shared it with me so I can see it! It brings me so much happiness to see all of your creative minds at work. And remember: the most important part of wearing kawaii fashion is to HAVE FUN while you’re doing it! Be confident, be yourself, and let your cuteness shine! You’re adorable! xoxo, Alexa

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