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27 Nov
Little Twin Stars French Toast and Ice Cream Dessert
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As hinted earlier in November, guest blogger Shirley Wong, aka Little Miss Bento, surprised us with two tasty treats in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Little Twin Stars. Yum!

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Little Twin Stars French Toast & Ice Cream Dessert

Hello there! I am Shirley or as most people know me Little Miss Bento, the bento artist and cookbook author.

To wrap up the year, my guest post for December is extra special for you. After GudetamaMy Melody… what is next?

Presenting to you Little Twin Stars French Toast and Homemade Ice Cream Dessert!


A variation of my french toast food art creation, I was really pleased with the end result of this Little Twin Stars bento.

I was very inspired by the design of Kiki and Lala riding their celestial unicorn. The illustrations of the Little Twin Stars are always so sweet and dreamy.

First I drew out the design that I fancied on a piece of paper. Then I traced the design on parchment paper and cut out the various sections.

Sanrio Characters Images

This part will be key to help with the layering of the design on the french toast.

Most of the characters parts were cut out using egg sheet. What is egg sheet, you might ask?

As mentioned in my Kawaii Bento cookbook, egg sheet is a very thin layer of egg cooked on the pan at low heat. Food color can be added to the egg mixture to create the different colors needed for your design.

After that, all you need to do is to place the cut parchment pieces on the egg sheet and use them as a template to cut out the various designs.

The Little Twin Stars French Toast is served with a side salad.

Brunch Food

Now are we ready for some homemade Little Twin Stars Ice Cream Dessert?


For this treat, I paired homemade Little Twin Stars dango (rice dumplings) with ice cream for a yummy dessert~

These dango are Japanese style rice dumpling and are made from a mixture of glutinous rice flour, water and silken tofu.

But I was a little heavy handed on the cocoa powder 😛 haha and Kiki and Lala turned out looking a little tanned~~ Oops

Would you like the recipe? Here are the ingredients:

●     50g shiratamako (Japanese glutinous rice flour)
●     10ml warm water
●     35~40g silken tofu
●     pinch of cocoa powder
●     icing colors
●     black gourmet pen


1.    Add water and half the tofu to the flour. Then add the remaining tofu in parts until you form a soft malleable dough.

2.    Divide the dough into sections and color one portion skin tone (using cocoa powder), blue, pink and yellow using icing colors.


3.    Divide and shape the skin tone dough into 4 parts.

4.    Add thin layer of pink and blue dough for the hair.

Food Art

5.    Flatten the yellow dough. Using a small star cutter, cut stars out of the yellow dough. Assemble the stars on Kiki and Lala.


6.    Draw the eyes and mouth using the gourmet pen.

Sanrio Characters Food Noms

Tip: Arrange the dough on small sheets of parchment paper. This enables you to hold the designs together.

7.    Boil them until they float on the water (remove the parchment paper when they separate from the dango). Then let it continue to boil for 30 seconds before removing and serving.

I hope you had fun reading this post. If you like my creations, do hop over to my blog, facebook or instagram for more recipes, bento, food postings and travelogues.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and happy new year in advance!


Don’t forget, Little Miss Bento’s cookbooks – Kawaii Bento and Kawaii Deco Sushi – are available at major bookstores and online stores. 

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