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03 May
Happy Birthday Dear Daniel!
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Dear Daniel

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Dear Daniel

Happy Birthday to you!

(Wait, should it be ‘Happy Birthday Dear Dear Daniel’?)

About Dear Daniel
Dear Daniel is a sensitive boy who finds wonder in even the smallest things. Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty have known each other since they were babies. When he was young, he moved to Africa with his father who is a photographer. After traveling the globe, Dear Daniel returned to meet Hello Kitty again. His dancing skills are still top-notch!

Full Name : Daniel Starr

Birthday : TODAY (May 3rd)!

Birthplace : London

Hobbies : Taking photos of animals, dancing and playing piano

Favorite Foods : Cheesecake and yogurt

Trademark : Ultra-spiky hair

Happy Birthday Dear Daniel!

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